Museveni: “Somebody has stolen sixty billion, and you give him bail?”

In his address commemorating the 27th NRM anniversary, Mr Museveni lamented what he considered a major impediment to the fight against corruption: bail. “It [bail] makes the whole matter look like a joke,” Mr Museveni said, adding, “we shall have to do something about it.” He blames the judges for granting bail to people accused of embezzling public funds, suggesting they ought to be locked up in prison as they await the due process of the law to take effect, no matter how long that takes. Mr Museveni went on to promise a hike in the judges’ take-home pay arguing that poor salaries have been an incentive for judges to take bribes from the corrupt. A recent Inspector General of Government’s report ranked the Judiciary among the most corrupt institutions in the country. Uganda faces a long and difficult road toward curbing corrpution, given how deeply embedded this vice is within government institutions. VIDEO: NTV Uganda



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