Child Sacrifice on the Rise in Uganda–Report

January 27, 2013. A recently released report examined the trends of incidences of child sacrifices in Uganda, concluding that at least one child is killed every week, the Daily Monitor reported. The report was compiled by Humane Africa, an international research organization. Key findings from the report revealed that some Ugandan mothers were attacked and their foetus removed and mutilated; and the most lucrative body parts included the tongue, male and female genitalia, blood, head, hair, heart, fingers and hands. Between June and September 2012, the researchers documented 35 cases of child mutilation.

The report underscores the escalating cases of child sacrifice in Uganda, part of the broader problem of child abuse and neglect in Uganda (see this post). The report also indicates a seemingly intractable disconnect between tradition and modernity in Uganda, particulalry in rural communities. For example, the authors of the Human Africa report attributed rising cases of child sacrifice to increasing demand for traditional medicine that is believed to be more efficacious when prepared with human body parts. Not only is the merit of such practices questionable—traditional medicines concocted with human body parts is not scientifically more efficacious than modern medicines—but also the sheer inhumanity of such a practice is indicative of how far some Ugandans are willing to go in pursuit for solutions to contemporary problems that afflict them. In Uganda, witchdoctors and their nefarious associates conduct this wicked business of trading in human body parts. As such, some gullible Ugandans have sought answers for their poverty, strange diseases, ill-fate, marriage problems, relationship issues, etc in withcraft characterized by trade in human body parts. As usual, children are often at the receiving end of these evil practices, because traditional witchdoctors need “pure” human blood and body parts.

The truly distubing feature of this incredible heinousness is that guardians, including parents, are often accused as accomplices, shamelessly giving up their own children in exchange for a trumped up promise of quick wealth, a clean bill of health, love, success and/or fame. It is time to put an end to these backward impulses. These ritual mutilations and murders have soiled our collective national conscience, and the urgency of such a national issue demands a swift action for the sake of today’s Ugandan children.


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