Month: August 2012

Kiprotich’s Victory, Kipsiro’s Mishap and the Mind-Boggling Fascination with Witchcraft

“In this respect, not only is Kiprotich a legend, he embodies the true spirit of Uganda, one that rises up to the challenge of the day, and persists in his quest until he succeeds.”   Now that the 2012 Summer… Read More ›


Severe Malnutrition in Uganda: Are Communities just Ignorant?

“Most mothers just don’t have a clue about how to prepare a balanced diet for their children…”   This week, the Daily Monitor reported two cases of severe malnutrition that hit two largely different Ugandan communities in Namutumba and Arua… Read More ›


Cancer and Cigarette Smoking in Uganda: Why Continue to Kick the Can down the Road?

“If the smoker must smoke, he must respect the rules.”   On May 21 2003, the World Health Organization (WHO) initiated a process to ban smoking in indoor workplaces and public buildings globally through its Framework Convention on Tobacco Control… Read More ›