Month: July 2012

The Dearth of Qualified Academics at Makerere University Spells Trouble for the Future

“We cannot stand this, losing these experienced people yet we have no hope of replacing them in the near future” —Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, Makerere’s Chancellor.   This week, 14 long-serving professors of Makerere University’s College of Natural Sciences formally retired…. Read More ›


Are Ugandan Women Being Denied their “Rights” to Maternal Healthcare Services?

“If government cannot protect the welfare of women, as it relates to the delivery of adequate maternal healthcare, then it is indeed a sad day in Uganda.”   This question is a legitimate and an important question, particularly in light… Read More ›


Kampala is Becoming an Increasingly Unsafe City

“I think that the safety of Kampala is overestimated…,” A U.S. tourist and victim of a recent Kampala City crime narrates her ordeal on It is no longer safe to walk Kampala streets alone at night. In recent weeks,… Read More ›